7 Best Shopping Sites for Kitchen Appliances

Buying kitchen appliances is not an easy task for homemakers. There is a lot of functional science put into the purchase. I totally can reflect on your thoughts here. Choosing kitchen appliances is not easy when it comes to shopping online. You worry about the quality, warranty, and genuineness of the product to order anything. In this confusion, how to shop for kitchen appliances at all?

Worry not! Just look for the following attributes while shopping for kitchen appliances online.

The quality grade information of the product to ensure the appliance will long last.

Health grade certifications for the product as it is used to make food.

Warranty given by the company and the seller.

Surety given by the e-commerce platform and the brand with the genuineness of the product.

Seller reputation and reviews.

There are a few such sites that offer surety over the product and health. Read the following list of sites that offer the best kitchen appliances.

1. Myborosil.com

Named after the brand Borosil, the environmentally conscious company that makes products with borosilicate material offers a wide variety of kitchen products from pressure cookers, casseroles, khadias, frying pans, and glass jars.

Myborosil also offers blenders, Oven Toaster Grillers, mixer grinders, electrical appliances like kettles, rice cookers, cooktops, toasters, and dining ware.

The site has neat segregation of all the kitchen appliances that makes it easy for shopping. You don’t need to juggle around the pages. You will have to focus on the specific product required and it saves your time and unnecessary buying as well.

Being a brand displaying its own products, Borosil could have thrown unnecessary suggestions under every product. But it didn’t. This act of honesty and business etiquette earns anyone’s faith in the safety of their purchase.

Moreover, Borosil offers 7mm thick food-grade steel products that are ready for both stove and induction cooking. It offers ease of cooking and clutter-free cleaning.

2. Croma

Croma stores need no introduction. It is an established household appliances store where you can get anything you want for an electronic device or any kitchenware.

Croma store is another go-to place for shopping for kitchenware. It offers a wide range of products from different brands, unlike Myborosil.com. The benefit of shopping here is that the brands fight for customer attention with their discounts and freebies. You will have more options and more time will be consumed as well.

The products you can find for the kitchen on Chroma store are, electric chimneys, hobs, kitchen utensils, mixers, grinders, juicers, ovens, stoves, kettles, coffee makers, water dispensers, and whatnot. As I mentioned, shopping at the Chroma store will take time.

3. Amazon

Amazon has everything ranging from food makers to cleaners of the kitchen. Amazon redesigns its category pages from time to time to keep the lists fresh and offers interesting. If you are a shopping lover, amazon will keep you hooked to the site with a wide range of offerings.

From rice cookers to mixer grinders, tableware to kitchen cleaners, disinfectors to jars and flasks, Amazon showcases everything you need now and future.

Amazon always displays lucrative limited deals that give you cravings for shopping. It might have everything but it takes time and manipulates you to unnecessary shopping as well.

Not complaining but we should never forget the fact that unnecessary buying will lead to extended expenses and financial troubles on the whole.

4. Wonderchef

As the name sounds, Wonderchef is dedicated to kitchen and food-making appliances. It offers a wide range of products from cookware to spare lids. You have 2 jar and 3 jar blenders, cookers, cooktops, chimney flasks, and cutlery.

You can shop on Wonderchef based on Watt usage of the product as well. This helps you decide the right product if you are living in an environment where power utilization is metered for existing appliances.

Wonderchef is a totally exclusive website for its own products. It’s not a generic e-commerce website like Amazon. You can go have a look at their products before blindly judging a few based on their colors and appearances.

5. Ikea

Ikea offers a quality range of kitchenware that you might not be aware of. Along with the offering of ultra-portable furniture, this multinational brand offers power-saving electronic kitchenware in its listings.

From fridges and freezers to accessories to appliances, Ikea offers smoke extractors, ovens, hobs, and cookware sets.

The focus of Ikea is observed to be on smoke extractors more than any other kitchenware set. If you are looking for an extractor hood, this big brand would be one of the best choices you have.

6. Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid is another exclusive brand store like MyBorosil.com and Wonderchef. It has all the products needed for a true chef. From heavy touch systems to cooktops and dishwashers, all the products offered are not just for simple home cooking.

You can buy these products if you have a bigger family or a food business. All the kitchen appliances offered on this website are heavy drivers.

Buying Kitchenaid appliances for your business would be a good fit from this website. As they are extending their products to the dealership model, the prices may slightly vary on online stores compared with offline stores.

7. Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq is one of the most underrated e-commerce websites with huge listings as Amazon. It offers beautiful kitchenware from different brands, giving us more options to buy just like Amazon does.

The reason to buy kitchenware on Tata Cliq is that every product has a discount of up to 60%. If you find Amazon clumsy and crowded, Tata Cliq can cure your fatigue.

Wrapping up:

All the 7 sites afore mentioned are good in their own way with their unique set of offerings to the customers.

If you want to be a little responsible for the environment you are living in for the future of our kid’s generation, going with Borosil kitchenware is a fair choice.

Or if you are a price, sensitive buyer, check on Amazon and Tata Cliq for huge discounts. The other four sites offer no less quality. It’s always good to give it shot to look unique among your friends and neighbors.

​I am Saurabh, working as webmaster and content writer at AllDigiTrends and Techibhai. I love to interact with minded blogger.